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Poster: c-freedom Date: Oct 21, 2022 9:08am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Solve this GD Mystery 10/19/22

Man, I think we all went thru that dilemma in one way or another
When I heard they were considering bringing back HCS
I was figuring that Arizona would be the location
Here Comes Sunshine in Phoenix was not first time played but was what I had wanted to here every time
I was at a show and it was Welnick’s best moment in th band IMHO.
I regretted having to skip shows on Europe 1990 tour.
I regretted living on Nutella & French Bread
But I met a beautiful young lady!
Saw some great Hornsby provoking Jerry jams
Fell off the back riser at the Zenith
Hobbled my way to England
And did Werewolves Jerry side stage
Me on crutches
“Never had such a good time”
When I saw they were playing Salt Lake
I figured they might just pull out Salt Lake City
After all Brent did a scorching Louie Louie in Louisville.
But my day job was in Fort Sill , OK
And the military was not hip at all.